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The Debate: SQ or SPL
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SQ or SPL? This debate has been going on for years among the car audio world. The general trend seems to be the SQ guys are all about posting of speakers, time alignment, subtle integration and attention to detail. Where SPL... Read More

Huets – Icenights 6 Open Evening
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Huets – The In-Car Specialist based in Shoreham, West Sussex are holding their latest Icenights open evening on Thursday 21st of May. This will be their 6th open evening under the Icenights name and one they hope will be the biggest... Read More

EMMA UK Audio Arena @ SMS
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Last weekend we saw the first EMMA UK Audio Arena held at the SMS and we were there to fly the flag for UK car audio. The event was held over 3 days and situated just north of Portsmouth in Horndean.... Read More

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