Car Audio & Security – Open Weekend

It was Car Audio & Security’s famous open weekend last weekend along with Round 1 of the EMMA UK championship and we thought it would be rude not to attend. So Sunday I headed to Hayes, London to see what all the hype was about.

I arrived just before 10am and everyone was still setting up but I could sense it was going to be a very busy day for everyone involved.

As people started to arrive, it was clear to see the hype was well deserved and by about 11 the place was packed inside and out.


As some of you may know, Car Audio & security have a very impressive shop and is crammed with products from a large range of car and home audio manufacturers.

There were plenty of bargains to be had which people were taking full advantage of. I entered the shop maybe a dozen times throughout the day and every time it was packed with people looking for a bargain. The CAS crew had it covered with lots of helpful staff on hand.



It wasn’t just what was going on inside the shop that was the attraction but what was going on outside too.

One side of the shop there was a massive marquee and I was blown away with the amount of demo cars on display for a dealer event. There were cars from the likes of JL Audio, Hertz, Audison, Vibe, Ground Zero, Kenwood, Alpine, JBL, Rockford Fosgate and many more. You normally only see this amount of demo cars at a major car show.

IMG_1632 IMG_1541IMG_1624  IMG_1535

The other side of the shop was where the EMMA UK SQ judging was taking place and opposite the shop was where the extremely loud SPL competitors where being judged. (I will cover more of the EMMA event in my next report)


Overall I thought the day was a great success and very well organised, I would highly recommend anyone to make sure you don’t miss their next event.