EMMA Round 3 @ MIDBASS Open Day

Last Sunday was Round 3 of the EMMA UK 2014 Championship, Talk Audio’s annual get together in the way of the T-20 event and all this was held at the Midbass open day.

I’ve never been to Midbass before, so was rather looking forward to having a nose about the place. For those of you who don’t know of Midbass, they are the distributors for brands such as Vibe, Ground Zero, Silent Coat and many more.

It was an early start for all involved, mainly to help finish preparations for what was set to be a cracking day and by 9 o’clock the place was filling up fast.

It wasn’t just an open day for Midbass and their brands, they also invited along the likes of Alpine, Hertz, Blade Ice, Audison, Shok industries and RE Audio to name a few.

The main highlight for me was the EMMA UK Enclosure Challenge, powered by Vibe and ourselves. This was something I was very eager to get underway, with 12 enclosures built for the challenge we knew the competition was going to be of a high standard. The challenge was simple, just build a subwoofer enclosure to house a Black Death 15″ subwoofer, the only rule being it’s maximum size.


Each enclosure was tested in one of Vibe’s ex demo cars, using the same amplifier, head unit, power supply and audio test track. This kept the challenge purely down to the enclosure itself.

The guys over at Gorilla Audio even had a trailer fitted for the event, just so they could bring their selection of entries. Now that’s dedication.

The top 3 enclosures of the challenge all walked away with a combined prize of £600 worth of Midbass vouchers.


There was plenty going on, with SQ judging taking place in one of the upper units. They even had a guest judge all the way from EMMA Italy to help with the judging. There was SPL testing happening in one of the lower units, along with a couple of guys from Silent Coat in Germany who were sound deading a car on site.

I can happily say that the day was a great success. With its chilled out atmosphere, and great hospitality from the team at mid bass it was enjoyed by all that attended.

The next EMMA UK event is Round 4 of the EMMA 2014 Championship, held at USC (Ultimate Street Car), Santa Pod, August 1st-3rd, 2014

For more info please visit www.emma-uk.com