EMMA Round 5 & 2014 Championship Finals @ TRAX

Trax @ Silverstone is one of those shows that you just need to be there to really get an indication of how big the modified car scene really is in the UK.

Each year Trax just keeps on growing. With car clubs, traders, audio lovers and general car enthusiasts from around the country gather to take homage on everything car related for the day.

This year was no exception and as people started to turn up in the early hours of Sunday morning, you could really sense the day was going to be truly epic for everyone who attended and were involved.


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We teamed up with the EMMA UK crew again for what was there last official event of the year and the final of the 2014 EMMA UK Championship.

With companies like ourselves, Alpine, G7 Direct, Oxford Car Audio, Bloomz, Gorlliaudio, Subtronix, Platinum InCar, Johnson Auto Electrics and all the competitors of EMMA UK all in one section and not to forget companies such as Hertz, Audison, FourMasters, Source Sounds, Brian Car Sounds, John Kleis, Pro Acoustics, Highdown Car Audio, Vibe and Bass Hull in attendance else where in the show, it really felt like one big audio family, doing what we all love and waving the flag for UK car audio.


EMMA Finals:
As the judging started for the EMMA UK final, you could see how important this was for everyone competing. All those countless hours of hard work, all those hundreds if not thousands of miles travelled up and down the country, all rest on this one day.

As somebody who has been in the car audio industry’s for well over 10 years and a fan for well over 20, I honestly know how much work and effort is required to build a competition winning audio car and have total respect for each and everyone that competes in the EMMA UK event.


The presentation for the winners of Round 5 and overall winners for the year were held on the almighty Vibe bass tunnel truck at around 4pm. Presented by the legend that is Adam Rayner, to me it was just a perfect end to what has been a very exciting year for all competitors and EMMA UK staff/judges.

The 2014 EMMA UK championship winners where all handed a tasty trophy supplied by our good friends over at Celsus, and most importantly an invitation to compete in the European finals held in Austria in March 2015.

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For more on info on EMMA UK and how you can be a part of the family please visit www.emma-uk.com
And finally:
It was great to see so many familiar faces on the day, along with meeting new ones and even the unexpected one that put a smile on my face.

Also like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Charlie for their amazing help throughout the year plus everyone else that has supported us in our quest to put car audio firmly back on the map.

We have been very blessed by the helping hand that Andrew from EMMA UK has given us this year and without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today without his support.

Roll on the start of the 2015 show season!!!

Photo Credit: Phil John Photography