EMMA UK 2014 Judge Training & Competition CD Introduction Seminar


So the EMMA UK 2014 season has officially kicked off, with both the judge training and competition CD introduction seminar being held last weekend.

As EMMA UK is an official partner to The Audio Boyz, we were on the guest list and kindly invited along to spend the weekend with both the EMMA judging team and some of this years competitors.

This is the first EMMA event I’ve personally attended so was a little nervous, but within minutes of arriving I was made to feel very welcome. After a few introductions to some of the EMMA staff along with a coffee or two, it was down to business with the start of the 2014 judge training.


The seminar was presented by head judge Horst Starke and fellow judge Dave Legg, who both completed training at the recent European finals in Austria back in March.

The whole concept of Saturday’s seminar was to bring both the current and new judges up to speed on changes to the official rule book, and to introduce the new 2014/15 competition CD. The day covered all the different competition categories including SQ and SPL.

The new CD contains some great musical tracks. When I learnt how the CD was recorded and put together with the purpose of each track in mind, I got a much better understanding on what the judges are actually looking for from each audio system.


Each judge was tested on two vehicles that were on site. A Mercedes Benz that is owned by Dave Legg was used for the SQ aspect of the judging to listen to the new CD in all its glory. The second of the two cars was an Alfa Romeo and is owned by Cristian Martin. The purpose of this car was for the installation and documentation side of judging.

As the day’s seminar came to a close, some of the competitors started to arrive for Sunday’s training. It was then time to head out for some dinner and beers. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. I mainly spent the evening with the guys from Gorilla Audio and Cumbrian Audio Designs, which was a great night (thanks guys).


Sunday was sure to be a great day with nearly 30 people in attendance, after a bit of breakfast it was time to start day two. The day covered a lot of different aspects of what competitors need to be looking out for with the introduction of the new rules and competition CD.

I did manage to sneak out for half an hour and have a go at judging my self. I was put to the challenge on Cristian’s Alfa. The task was to judge the car for the installation and documentation side of the install, then to try and spot the deliberate mistakes within the system. I was on the understanding I did well for a novice, but how I actually did I may never know.


The whole weekend was a complete blast from start to finish, with its laid back and extremely friendly atmosphere. I felt the training for both judges and competitors was very interesting, enlightening and covered so many aspects. The concept was well put together and I would encourage anyone that would like to get involved with EMMA UK to give it a go, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Next event is Round 1 of the EMMA 2014 Championship, held at Car Audio & Security, Hayes, Greater London on the 26th and 27th April 2014

For more info please visit www.emma-uk.com