EMMA UK Enclosure Challenge 2015


Think you got what it takes to be crowned Emma UK enclosure challenge champion 2015?

Then get involved and put your box building skills to the test.

Entry is completely FREE!!!

The challenge is to build a subwoofer box to run a single VIBE 6.5″ CVEN subwoofer. Powered by the VIBE BlackAir Bass 2 amplifier @ 4ohms 800RMS on a regulated power supply.

The top 2 enclosures on the day with the highest outputs will win.

Every aspect of testing is kept on a level playing field, with the same car, regulated power supply, subwoofer, amplifier, head unit, cd track, head unit volume etc. The results are purely down to the enclosure itself. All you need to do is build a box no bigger than the below external dimensions and bring it along to Round 3 of the EMMA UK championship, held at Midbass Distribution Ltd on Sunday June 28th 2015 – Reddicap Trading Estate, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B75 7BU

Top 2 results on the day will win some awesome prizes.

Chosen Track will be a 40 to 80 Hz sweep , peak reading will be taken per test ,we really want all the variables and luck taken out of this challenge and it to be purely down to the enclosure its self , there is prizes & trophies for the top 2 loudest entries with 1st place being crowned Enclosure Champion 2015 , we also have another Award for “Manufacturers Choice” chosen by the top guys at Midbass Distribution be it best designed ,performance, craftsmanship or something that just stands out , VIBE after all stands for Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures…

And who knows maybe a signature production run…

: Max external box dimensions : 31″ x 15″ x 15″

Subwoofer Specs can be found here http://vibeaudio.co.uk/car/subwoofers/cven-subwoofers/
Amplifier Specs can be found here http://vibeaudio.co.uk/car/amplifiers/blackair-bass-amplifiers/

For more information info Info@emma-uk.com and best of LUCK to all …